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How should I care for my rhodium plated jewelry?

For cleaning, please use a silver polish cloth or a soft cloth made of 100% cotton. DO NOT use silver liquid cleaner to clean rhodium-plated jewelry. It is too harsh and can dull and/or harm the rhodium plating. 

To keep tarnishing to a minimum, we advise that you store each piece of jewelry separately in dry, air-tight spaces, such as recycled ziplock bags or a jewelry box. Keep your jewelry pieces from rubbing against other items when you are not wearing them to prevent scratching.

Why do you use rhodium plating?

Rhodium adds that extra shine to your ring and also is scratch resistant. That does not mean scratch proof, but with care, it holds up well and looks beautiful.

My jewelry is damaged, what should I do?

Check in to see if it is covered by our 1 year guarantee here.

Can I resize my ring?

We recommend adding sizing balls at your local jeweler rather than resizing, which may damage the metal and loosens stones. Resizing is not an option for eternity bands. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up for comfort.  

Why isn't a promotion working on my order?

Promotions are US based only for the time being. Please check shipping destination and that the promotion is currently running. Active promotions will be displayed in the header bar. If you still have questions, please contact us! If eligible, we will honor the promotion until the time of reply. 

How can I find my ring size?

Please see our ring sizing guide

Are you aligned with any causes?

At LLIVAN, we do our very best to ensure our packaging is eco-friendly and our manufacturers are in support of fair working conditions. We also support female founders through various ties. We are currently researching the most impactful and authentic cause to align with. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.