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About Us

What is LLIVAN
LLIVAN was created for the woman who wants to wear her engagement ring while traveling without the risk of losing a diamond in uncertain situations. We call it 'unreal' because LLIVAN jewelry is made of precious metal and man-made stones, giving the appearance and polish of precious gems without the price tag or pressure.
Who should get LLIVAN?
Funny you should ask, because #getLLIVAN is our hashtag on Instagram! While the idea for LLIVAN came from traveling and honeymoons, we know plenty of women who where LLIVAN any time they workout, go to the beach, plan to have a few drinks, when they’ve gained weight or are swollen from pregnancy, and even some who have lost their rings and get LLIVAN while they wait for the universe to return it!
Pronounced /liv-in/, LLIVAN is short for Sullivan, our founder Casey’s maiden name. It gives a nod to the jewelry’s purpose - every piece is something you can live in, every day, without worry and without sacrificing style.
From the founder
In 2016 my fiancé was traveling for three weeks before proposing to me in an Italian beach destination. Rather than risk the security of a diamond, he popped the question with a faux sparkler. I began wearing the stand-in ring whenever I traveled, because despite having insurance on the diamond we ended up choosing together, there is simply no premium on emotional security. I felt lighter having my ring soundly at home in a safe while I went swimming or wandering around unfamiliar cities. Over time, after receiving countless compliments from unknowing observers and sharing our story, we realized we are not the only couple hesitant to travel with diamonds. Men and women would ask where to buy the ring, but it was purchased through connections in the Manhattan diamond district, a place not accessible for most people. So I created LLIVAN, for the peace of mind of women everywhere, who want to look stylish and sophisticated while on their honeymoons, without risking the loss of their diamonds.
Casey Bressan LLIVAN founder 


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